Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Focus? What does that have to do with Copyright and Music Law?

Check out the slide show in the post below. It is interesting, funny, and helpful. But you might ask yourself what it has to do with copyright and music law?

The slide show's topic is how to keep focused. At the beginning there is a slide that talks about knowledge work, and that got me thinking about my previous blogs. People who create intellectual property (yes I'm talking about copyrights and music) are the quintessential knowledge workers. They don't crank out widgets for a living; they create. With all the talk in the music industry focused on developing new streams of revenue (see my posts below on monetizing radio airplay), our artists, songwriters, and even us attorneys may lose sight of our main focus of our knowledge work, whether that be creating music or writing contracts.

To make money creating (i.e., as a knowledge worker) you must gain a competitive advantage over others who are in your field. One competitive advantage is to do the same thing as your competition, but do it more efficiently, which is known as a cost advantage. The other way is to do it better than your competition, which is known as a differentiation advantage.

So if you are a creator and you want to make money from your creative efforts, you need to focus your creative energy in a productive way. The following slide show will help with that, I promise.

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